Shooting Behind a Movie Theater Screen

This production image was taken of us at the Warner Theater in downtown Morgantown.  We were granted exclusive access to the theater that is no longer in use.  We were able to get behind the movie screen and shoot which was AWESOME!

East Coast Summer 2013 Workshop Series- the following dates could be used for workshops in your area. If you are interested please let me know and if there is a big enough group we can make it happen!

*Myrtle Beach, SC- August 12-17
*Savannah, GA- August 12-17
*Knoxville, TN- August 19-20
*Morgantown, WV- August 21-24
*Moundsville, WV- August 21-24
*Pittsburgh, PA- August 21-24
*Harpers Ferry, WV- August 26
*Washington, DC- August 27-31

If you are interested please comment back or let me know via message which one you'd like to attend and how many people you have…thanks!!!


Rotolight RL 48 Interview Kit at a REAL Wedding Workshop by Jason Lanier

This production image shot by my second photographer Vanden King was taken of me using my two Rotolights from my RL 48 Interview Kit.  This was taken while I was shooting a macro shot of the rings with my Nikon 105mm macro lens at the Palace of Gold in Moundsville, WV.  It was an amazing day and I just love using these lights.  We are currently working out an affiliate deal with Rotolight so we can make these lights more accessible to all of you!

Just Screwing Around at my Oklahoma Workshop

This is what happens when I'm setting up a group shot at my workshops…my attendees start screwing around!  This was an amazing location that took some searching but was SO worth it.  Thanks to all who came!!