How Did You Get That Shot?

I get asked a lot how I take my shots….what equipment I use, where I place it etc.  This is a production image and finished image placed side by side to show you exactly what I did to capture this image.  As listed on the photo I used 4 Rotolights (favorite lights ever), 4 MeFoto tripods for my lightstands, 2 Pocket Wizards and my Nikon SB910 Speedlight for backlighting (off camera) flash.

I hope this helps!  As you can see in the picture we go to insane places and do REAL shoots at my workshops which are done all over the U.S.  I'd love to see you at one soon!!


Using MeFoto Tripods as Light Stands

This production image was taken at my Miami workshop in May of this year….

Earlier this year at WPPI I bought 4 new Rotolights that I love.  After buying them I asked myself, "How in the world am I going to use these when I'm shooting solo?"  I HATE using lightstands because they just don't work (for me) since I travel so much.  It seems that if I use one that's light enough to take "on the go" it's too flimsy.  If I take one that's very durable and steady, it's WAY too heavy.  So what did I do?

The hot new item at WPPI were the MeFoto tripods made by Benro.  I already own a Benro carbon fiber tripod and LOVE it.  So I felt comfortable buying the MeFoto's and using them as lightstands.  My friends laughed at me at the time for buying 4 of them, but I am SO GLAD I did.

Since WPPI 2013 I've taken the MeFoto's with me to Miami, West Virginia, Montana, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and all over California.  The combination of the MeFoto's with my Rotolights or an off camera flash with a Pocket Wizard just can't be beat.